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Amber Bassick – From England to Holland

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Amber Bassick – From England to Holland

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From England to Holland

Amber Bassick is a young model with a positive attitude from Essex, England. Her modeling career has been very successful in Holland where she appeared on the cover of Playboy Netherlands in May this year. Amber has also appeared in FHM and a few other publications and we’re sure there’s much more to come from her in the future. We hope you enjoy our interview with Amber and make sure to follow her social media accounts to stay up to date with her modeling career.

Interview With Amber Bassick

What or who inspired you to become a model?

Well I had always dreamed of becoming a model, but never realized it would ever come true, because of my height of 1,63cm.
I got asked to attend a modeling competition and guess what?? I won it!
The prize was a radio interview, some money and a profile on model mayhem.
And that’s how my modeling career started.

You were recently on the cover of Dutch Playboy, what’s next for you?

Now that I have become a playmate in the Netherlands I would love to go international:)
My other dream would be to model underwear and bikinis.

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How do you prepare before a shoot?

I have a whole check list to prepare for my shoots, as I hate to be organised!
I always pack my bag the day before the shoot itself and a good nights sleep does wonders!
I also like to scrub my skin with bath salts and moisturise with cocoa oil so that my skin looks flawless.

What’s the biggest difference between modeling in the Netherlands and England?

I think the biggest difference is the culture. Being British, of course I love my culture and country.
But I have no favorite as I enjoy working in Holland just as much as I do in England.
I guess I get the best of both worlds!

What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

“Mindset is everything” and really, it is 🙂

Do you have a favorite photographer that you’ve worked with? Explain why.

Yes! in fact I do. There are a lot of photographers who I enjoy to work with but I recently shot with Ward Lafforme in Toronto.
This was an amazing experience and we shot some awesome pictures.
He is so kind and fun to be around, plus he brought the best out of me during the shoot which is the most important.

What’s your favorite pass-time when not modeling?

  • I love to work out with my personal trainer, he keeps me fit and gives me such a wonderful feeling after working hard.
  • Also yoga keeps me bendy and flexible 🙂
  • I love to cook! I love to make healthy recipes and just being creative with herbs and spices.I think it’s very important as a model to eat healthy but enjoy your food!
  • Instagram! I love posting pictures and selfies and love to follow the latest fashion and make-up trends on Instagram.
  • My last favorite thing is when I come home from long distance trips, to catch up with the house cleaning lol and friends and family.

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What is something that bothers you if it is not done perfectly and why?

Well basically everything! My personal motto is don’t half ass anything… If you do something, do it well.

What’s your favorite fast-food restaurant and how often do you go there?

I don’t visit fast food restaurants, I really don’t like fast food as in McDonalds and so on.
Don’t get me wrong as I love to some times indulge on the sins such as chocolate and ice cream, but I really enjoy good fresh food all over the world.
I recently discovered “Pret a Manger” at the airport and absolutely love it!

What type of kid were you? Rule breaker or rule follower?

I was in the beginning a a rule follower, than an absolute rule breaker! I was terrible lol.
But I’m glad to be back on track as a angel 🙂

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