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Haley Brooke Lytle – Multicultural Beauty

Haley Brooke Lytle – Multicultural Beauty


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Beautiful Model with an “Old Soul”

When you read our interview with Haley, it’s obvious that she’s a good hearted person with lots of wisdom…And wisdom is definitely sexy according to most people! Combine that with her pretty face and her ability to dress for success to see the definition of sex appeal!

Haley is a young model out of Laguna Beach, but good luck trying to guess her ethnic background. If you’re intrigued about her multicultural side, we won’t spoil it for you, just read the interview and you’ll know everything you need to know about Haley! Don’t forget to give her Instagram account a follow and to share this interview with others.

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Interview With Haley Brooke Lytle

What or who influenced to to start modeling?

I was influenced to get into modeling by the pure love of the art. When I was in middle school, my best friend was getting into photography. We would just go mess around and take pictures, and I quickly realized that modeling was something I thoroughly enjoyed. Once I turned 18, I decided to start taking it seriously, and then I got signed with an agency and went from there.

You have a very mixed ethnicity, which part stands out the most?

I am Korean, Italian, Native American, Irish, Scottish, German, and Welsh. I am mainly Korean out of anything else, so I believe that shines through, even though I have big eyes. It’s hard to say what is most prominent to be honest. I’m just a big melting pot! It’s always fun asking people to guess my ethnicities. I get all sorts of answers.

Have you had the chance to travel much? Where’s your favorite place?

I believe traveling is an essential part of life. So far, I have backpacked through Indonesia, been to the Dominican Republic, Caribbean, and Mexico. Next up is Thailand and then Europe. Italy has always been my dream place. Out of all the places I’ve been to so far… Bali, Indonesia was my favorite.

Do you ever get nervous or shy during a shoot? How do you prevent that?

I think before almost every shoot there’s a bit of nervousness that builds up, mainly because I expect a lot out of myself. But once I get to the shoot, get into hair and makeup, and get in from of that camera, all the nervousness fades away. I just get in the zone.

What song best describes your work ethic?

That’s interesting to think about…hmm. Well you know what’s funny, Tom Petty “Won’t back down” is playing in the background and that seems pretty fitting! This world is filled with negativity, but if you can keep focus on the good things, you can live a happy life.

What’s something you like to do for fun?

I love to paint. That has been one of my longest passions.

What was your first job ever?

My first job ever was at Ball Park Pizza. It was a fun job that my best friends and I all had. Best pizza in town too 😉

What’s the most memorable compliment you’ve ever received?

The most memorable compliment… well it’s one that I didn’t know was a compliment till I was older. I was told “you’re an old soul” for the first time when I was about 9 years old. As I got older and understood what that really meant, I realized that it’s a wonderful thing to be called. Other then that, I’m called “sweets” in my family. I like that, because I try my best to always be a kind person.

As a kid, were you a grade A student or troublemaker?

I was an in between kid. Not quite the A student, but not a failing student either. Pretty quiet in class. I was good at most courses, but math was were I struggled. I spent most of my math classes drawing in my notebook! Well, I am paying for that now. I have to take business calculus for my business degree so we’ll see how that goes haha.

Is there anything else you’d like our readers to know about you?

I also work full time for a Music Charity, Sweet Relief Musicians Fund. It’s a non-profit that raises money for musicians battling cancer, illness, and other debilitating disabilities. It’s a great cause, check it out!

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  • Haley is a hot little nugget. Awesome girl

    July 1, 2015