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Haylie Noire is Breaking the Internet

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Haylie Noire is Breaking the Internet


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When Sex Appeal Meets Art

There’s not many people that can compare to Haylie Noire when it comes to combining her beauty with art. Her style is unique and perhaps the reason behind it is because she has an eye for photography therefore creates stunning images that have you pausing to take it all in. Haylie has always maintained a mysterious side to her despite being very active on social media and posting more pictures than you can count. Today we bring you an exclusive interview with Haylie, talking about her personality, social media, what to expect in the future, plus much more.


Interview With Haylie Noire

You’re a very mysterious internet sensation, tell us about yourself.

I’m Haylie, I was born in Brussels and I live in France.

How did it all begin? What motivated you to start posting your pictures?

I’ve always liked photography, it enables me to express a part of myself that I can’t otherwise. On contrary, I’ve never been such a big fan of social medias. For example, I’ve never had a personal Facebook account while everyone around me had one. I just felt something calling for me when pictures grew more important on social media. There was something for me, something that I could do. It gave me an opportunity to develop and share that part of me that can only exist through photography.
I began on Tumblr that I loved a lot for all the openness it offered. I’m still active on Tumblr today but more focused on Instagram who has a much larger audience and is more interactive. Even though I regret there’s excessive censor on the platform. In the end, I’m more like a blogger who posts pictures than a model who evolves on social media.

What are you’re plans for the future? Will you pursue modeling, photography or fitness training?

I plan to pursue all three of them! This is what I like doing and I don’t intend to stop any time soon. I’m at a point in my life where I’m trying to find the right balance between these three. They require work and time but i’m confident about the results that will come out of them.

You’re clearly very comfortable with your body, what advice can you give others to feel the same?

We all have stuff we like less about ourselves. Instead of just complaining and wallowing in our insecurities, the key is to work on them. If something makes me feel bad about myself, I fix it. There always are solutions, like changing our diet, exercising, looking for better clothes, make-up, or hairstyle. We can do a lot of stuff to look better. I know what I can expect from my body, know that changes can take time and efforts, that I can’t do miracles, but in the end when I’ve done all I could, that’s when I really feel good about myself.
Also I spend a lot of time being happy about what I like about myself, why not after all!


How would you describe your personality?

My personality is fire. I act spontaneous. I definitely am a cerebral, but you wouldn’t know that in the first place, because I act passionate and impulsive. I don’t know how to pretend or hide things from people. I’m also a friendly and warm person. I get friends with everyone I meet but I only have very few deep, committed friendship. Apart from that, I’m super open minded, and I’m also inventive and creative.
I do everything I can to be happy, don’t mind about what other people say. I’m not affected by stereotypes, social conventions. I try not te be afraid and live my dreams, as much as I can. I want to live big but I’m a hard worker and can go to great lengths to achieve my goals, I strive at everything I do.

Which song best represents your life?

Saying it represents my life is probably overdoing it, but the one song I most identify with is Creep from Radiohead. I will never get tired of that song. All too often, my state of mind can get so close to it, it’s unnerving. But I’m happier than that most of the time, fortunately.

What are some of your hobbies besides from taking pictures and working out?

You’ve quoted my two main hobbies! As much as I can I live my passions so my hobbies are a secret to no one. Besides from taking pictures and working out though, I love shopping and travelling far away. Writing, too. And I absolutely love pets as well.


What’s the nicest thing a stranger has ever told you?

I can’t think of any comment on particular that made a particular impression on me. Strangers come toward me and talk to me easily. I’ve often heard that I’m beautiful, which is a really nice thing to hear from a stranger. When I think about it, the two nicest things I’ve heard was one that I have an incredible charisma, the other one that I carry so much energy around me that I attract everybody and lift everyone up. It really lifts my spirit when someone I don’t know is ready to come to me to tell me something like that.

Did you have any strange beliefs as a child?

I used to have true doubts about ghosts but to be honest I still kind of do today! I’ve been down to earth and realistic at a very young age in my life. I sometimes actually tried to convince myself that I believed in some stuffs (like Santa Claus or in monsters) to identify with other kids of my age. I guess I also would have needed that part of dream. I wished some of them could exist but knew very well they didn’t. I remember almost envying my peers who truly believed in them, i guess it probably must have been more fun.


Have you ever experienced something unexplained?

I haven’t. I think I could have liked it though, as long as it’s not a scary experience! I’m quite a chicken with natural or supernatural events. But I’ve always been interested and open minded about them. The weirdest thing I’ve experienced was a strange coincidence when I was at school. Once I had no time at all to review a whole course. Knowing it was over anyway, I decided to pick at random an exercise in the whole book and really try to understand it instead of trying to see everything but doing it bad. The following day, the exam subject happened to be the very exercise I’d worked on. When that happened, I felt really weird and had the distinct feeling someone or something above us was behind that.

If you had a brainwashing machine, who would you use it on.

I’d use it each time I see someone acting mean or close minded in general! More precisely I’d use it on racist people or people that won’t don’t tolerate sexual orientation, religions, ethnicity or cultural background of others. These behaviours really make me sick and make me wanna stand up to it.

Is there anything else you’d like our readers to know about you?

I’m currently writing a book about time travels and with a love triangle.

Photos of Haylie Noire

haylie noire sexy model

haylie noire sexy model

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haylie noire sexy tumblr

haylie noire sexy model

haylie noire sexy model

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