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Influencers & Instagram Models on FoxyLeague

Influencers & Instagram Models on FoxyLeague

Get Ready for FoxyLeague’s New Roster of Must Watch Social Media Who’s-Whos

Girl power is very much alive online. In social media and in online networks, women have been found to be truly influential not only in making purchase decisions, but also in forming opinion and raising awareness. This is a fact that FoxyLeague strongly believes in and has chosen to shine its spotlight on. With its new roster of female social media influencers, this website will gain more ground in using beauty to unite the world.

FoxyLeague is a website that was launched in 2014 and features pictures and write-ups about beautiful models all around the world. More than just a pretty face, each of these women has a story to tell about their personal experiences, struggles, and advocacies. These stories serve to endear these personalities to online audiences. They hope to inspire people to see the beauty of the world all around them instead of holding on to stereotypes and conventions.

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Among the popular names that have been featured on the blogs, interview, and Instagram posts of FoxyLeague are Playboy models Alissa Arden, Samantha Taylor, Stephanie Branton, Michelle Chrystal, and Jessica Ashley. Throughout the years, they have also featured women who were involved in interests other than modeling, like a veterinary technician, a fitness coach, a street cleaner, a nursing student, a hip-hop dancer, and a surfer among others. Women from different parts of the world like Australia, Budapest, Canada, Brazil, China, Indonesia, Singapore, South Africa, and Ukraine have also found their photo sets on FoxyLeague. All these stories and images prove that beauty definitely comes in all forms, colors, and voices.

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With the shift of FoxyLeague towards featuring women of influence online, audiences can expect more inspirational stories and empowering articles. These will allow women, and men for that matter, to form stronger opinion and make wiser decisions and various aspects of their lives. These new female social media influencers on FoxyLeague will give online audiences something exciting to look forward to.

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