Vanessa Who?

It’s never easy retaining your privacy when you become popular and it’s even harder for models that don’t want to be celebrities. While many people struggle to gain social media followers, others seem to attract them with their natural sex appeal.

Real Names vs Aliases

When it comes to models, they need to question their career goals and make an important decision very early in their careers. If someone wants to become an actor, it will definitely take a first and last name. That being said, the names actors use are rarely their real names. More than 50% of Hollywood actors don’t use their real names!

Using a Single Name

Some models prefer to use a single name for different publications. The decision usually comes from the nature of their modeling and/or the stigma associated with it. Often times they have open minded views but their families and/or friends don’t think the same. Another reason to publish a single name is for individual publications that don’t want the model associated with any previous work. Similar to when a major record label signs a new artist and asks them to change their names.

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