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Mara Teigen – Instagram Girl OTD

Mara Teigen

Mara Teigen – Instagram Girl OTD

Mara Teigen is a smoking hot 20 year old modeling out of LA and Miami. She gained a lot of exposure when she started dating NHL hockey player Evander Kane. After she broke up with him, Kane managed to get her back by pulling a billboard stunt. He rented a giant ad space above an expensive Los Angeles night club and the stunt was a success. She’s the type of girl that most men dream of being with and it’s no surprise that he spent that kind of money to get her attention. We might not be rich, but if we made 5 Million dollars a year, most of us wouldn’t hesitate to pull some big moves! The featured picture is from when she had dark hair, you be the judge if she looks better with her current blonde hair. Check out her Instagram account to see what the big deal is.

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