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Michelle Chrystal – Genuine Playboy Model

Michelle Chrystal - Sexy Young Playboy Model

Michelle Chrystal – Genuine Playboy Model

Michelle Chrystal - Sexy Young Playboy Model

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Smart, Genuine & Sexy…

While Michelle is one of the sexiest Playboy models we’ve featured at FoxyLeague, there’s a lot more to her than just looks. Our exclusive interview shows just how much of a genuine and down to earth person she is, creating the perfect recipe for sexiness with her natural beauty, flexible body and a smart mind. Michelle is a young Playboy model out of Johannesburg, South Africa and was featured as Miss December 2014 to finish off the year with a bang! Discover who she is in our interview below and don’t miss that Instagram & Facebook button to keep tabs on her modeling career.

Michelle Chrystal - Sexy Young Playboy Model

Interview With Michelle Chrystal

Tell us about your journey into modeling and how it all began.

5 years ago I won the title of “Miss Rand Park” at my high school pageant, which involved walking down a runway in different outfits, performing a dance routine, and answering a set of questions. From that competition, I won a short modelling course and a Portfolio Photo shoot with a local photographer. Everything seemed to take off from there, and I had photographers and agents contacting me frequently to arrange shoots and cast me in TV ads.

How would you measure the importance of feeling comfortable with oneself, have you always felt comfortable with your appearance?

Oddly enough, I used to be incredibly timid, with absolutely no confidence or self esteem. It was only from my journey through modeling that I began feeling comfortable within my own skin. It opened my eyes to the fact that everyone has a natural beauty to them, and that by believing in themselves, they are allowing the world to see their beauty as well!

How did your relationship with playboy begin? Did you reach out or did someone contact you?

The renowned photographer Danny Steyn, had approached me several times over the past 2 years asking to shoot with me. Each and every time I turned him down, believing that I was never good enough to shoot with such an incredible photographer, let alone be published in the magazines that his work often gets sent to. Once I had finally plucked up the courage to shoot with him, Danny brought out a confidence in me that I never thought possible. He showed my pictures to Playboy that evening, and they immediately called me up, wanting to contract me as their Miss December 2014.

Michelle Chrystal - Sexy Young Playboy Model

A lot of people have misconceptions about how much work is involved with modeling. What’s one aspect that you find challenging?

The most challenging aspect with modeling is having to peek, physically and mentally for long periods of time. Fitness athletes understand that training, and reaching minimal body fat levels are essential for their competitions. That training involves intense discipline and motivation – which requires a strong mind as well. It is the same for models needing to maintain their body, appearance attributes, as well as mental stamina for long stretches of time in between shoot dates.

Tell us about your childhood and the type of person you were growing up.

I was always very academic at school, and big into my sports and dancing. I was forced into being independent from a very young age due to family rivalries, and put myself through most of my teenage years. I have no regrets about this stage of my life, as I believe it has helped me to grow into the person I am now.

How do you define the word “sexy” and what does it mean to you?

Sexy is a state of mind. It is the way that you express your inner confidence through your eye contact and body language.

What are your pet peeves?

My pet peeves are arrogance, and lack of ambition.

What can we expect from you in the future?

Going forward I hope to feature in more TV commercials, and published magazines.

Is there anything else you’d like our readers to know about you?

The last thing I would like to share is one of my favourite quotes: “Happiness, is an inside job”

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