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Not all fun and games

It probably looks like fun and games to be a model but Nedezda is proof that you can be successful if you take it seriously! It’s not just about looking pretty in front of the camera, models need to apply themselves for 40 hours a week, sometimes even more! All this while usually working second jobs or going to school which can be hard.

Being a Model

The Process

Most models need to start when they’re young and it’s hard to build a portfolio with good reputable photographers as they prefer to work with reputable models. This is the first challenge for most models and they usually spend many hours sending out messages to photographers trying to find someone to do some amazing portfolio shots.

Building a Portfolio

Once a model finds a few photographers to work with, she then needs to do as many photoshoots as possible to build her portfolio. These are non paying therefore the amount of time invested so far is huge and theres still no income to show for it.

Social Media

Once the model has a solid portfolio, she needs to start promoting herself on social media. That means creating accounts on over 5 social media networks and maintaining them on a daily basis. Social media is great and will get her followers but not many job opportunities come from those networks therefore she needs to upload her portfolio on as many casting agency websites and even consider making her own website if it hasn’t been done already.


If a model has made it this far it means she has already learned to deal with rejection. Like many industries in today’s society, models have to deal with a lot of rejection. Rejection can come from anywhere; a family member, a photographer, an agency, random strangers on social media, etc. It can get quite nasty at times and models have to be prepared for the worst!



Here is one of her most famous shots, this picture has been used over 500 times around the internet…what’s one more!

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