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Saju90 Perfects Nude Photography

saju 90 nude photography model

Saju90 Perfects Nude Photography


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Unique Look, Unique Style

Alexandra is a young half Korean, half Russian model out of Switzerland and she’s not afraid getting creative with nude photography.

She enjoys being nude in front of the camera and lets her sensual side out in a very unique way. Alexandra has experience working with hundreds of photographers from different countries and enjoys posing with other models, adding to her versatility. Take this chance to enjoy some of her shots and get to know her in our interview below. If you want to see more, check out her website or Vimeo account.

saju90 nude photography

Interview With Saju90

What motivated you to start modeling?

A friend of mine ( new at that time) told me I have unique combination of Asian and Russian ( I’m half Korean, half Russian) genes in me and it would be a good idea to try modeling 🙂

nude photography saju90 sexy

Where are some of your favorite places you’ve worked?

Switzerland, Hong Kong, Majorca … I like very creative ideas so it’s not only a question of place, it’s also question of idea for the shoot a specially with a creative photographer .

What’s your biggest accomplishment to date?

Yet to be complete …I been in USA VOLO magazine few times ( they’re still asking for more sets), German Penthouse, Portuguese Erotyka, online MetArt and some calendars.

What are your goals as a model?

To be published on a big billboard in a big city and also try to play a role in a movie.

How do you prepare before a shoot?

At home I wake up and shower then it takes me about 2 hours do to my long hair and taking care of my body with a lot of attention to details (not make up, I don’t use much of it).

nude photography saju90 sexy

Which song or musician inspires you the most?

Hmm it’s hard to say because it depends on my mood, anything from modern pop to classical. One of the songs I’ve listened to the most is “Sleeping with the ghosts” by Placebo .
I heard it the first time during my shoot with Daniel Fehr “artofdan” (my favorite photographer btw, I’ve done about 50-70 shoots including workshops with him).

What’s the best and worst food you’ve ever tasted?

Best…I would say was well prepared steak I tried in Bruges ( medium with a little blood , I do enjoy good steak often during lunch), I also liked mussels cooked for me by a photographer in cream and coco milk mmmm yammi….:)
Worst food well for me anything that has grease and fat, yaaakkkk!

Are you superstitious? Explain.

No, I cant say that I am.

What do you do when you need to relax?

Read a book or play old 8bit Super Mario, Tanks or PlayStation.

Photos of Saju90

nude photography sexy model saju90

nude photography sexy model saju90

nude photography sexy model saju90

nude photography sexy model saju90

nude photography sexy model saju90

nude photography sexy model saju90

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