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Samantha Taylor is Playboy’s Hottest Aussie

Samantha Taylor is Playboy’s Hottest Aussie

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Samantha Taylor is Raising the Temperature in Australia

Samantha Taylor’s recent success with Playboy is of surprise to most! This Australian hottie’s beauty goes beyond her looks which can be the biggest turn on for most guys. Samantha is a good example of the dedication it takes to be successful in such a big industry. She understands how to give credit where it’s due, not just limited to photographers and fellow models, she also reads all her fan mail which just proves her dedication and wits. Here’s to hoping she has nothing but success in her future endeavors and most importantly keep that fun smiling attitude, it puts a smile on our faces as well!


Interview With Samantha Taylor

Who or what influenced you to start modeling?

I’ve always looked up to the girls that I saw in Playboy and thought they were absolutely gorgeous as well as the James Bond Girls so I guess that’s what’s really interested me about modelling is I wanted to be like those beautiful women I saw in the magazines.

You’re studying to become a MUA? Does that mean you prefer doing your own make-up?

I completed my make-up degree before I really got opportunities in modelling. I do tend to prefer doing my own make-up if I don’t know and trust the make-up artist simply because I know what suits my face best.

What’s your most embarrassing moment during a photo shoot?

Too many!! You get a pretty thick skin though and learn to laugh it off, there’s been bikini strings breaking, hair stuck in lipstick haha!

People in this industry are very blunt, have you dealt with a lot of rejection?

Yes, I’ve dealt with my fair share of rejection especially in Australia as there isn’t a whole lot of work so you have to fight extra hard for it, but at the end of the day it all comes down to the look that they want so you can’t take it too hard, but I’ve been lucky in that I’ve been offered some really amazing work so everything happens for a reason and the things that are meant to work out do.

Can you give other models advice on dealing with rejection?

Stay positive!! Remember it is not about you personally it is that it’s simply not the right job for you. Be confident and positive in yourself because if you dream it you can do it! Don’t give up!

What are your long term goals? Do you plan on moving up in the Playboy ranks?

My biggest goal is to definitely move up in Playboy, my dream is to make Cybergirl and who knows where it could go from there, being in the magazine as well would just be so amazing! Dream come true!! I would also love to maybe try some more acting in a Feature Film in the States!

What is your most stereotypical Australian pass-time?

Probably the BBQ- ok it might not be just Aussie but especially here in summer at the moment it’s huge!! A few wines, a bbq, maybe some backyard cricket!

How do you keep cool in the summer?

Lots of pool time!! Hitting the beach!! Nothing better than a refreshing swim and not to mention living in bikinis!


What’s your favorite sport?

I love watching motor-cross, I also really like snowboarding and surfing ( but I’m not too good at it)!

Beer or wine?

I like both probably a cold beer in summer and a nice wine in winter when it’s cold!!

What do you look for in a guy?

Someone that can make me laugh!! It’s really important that I date someone with a really good sense of humour! Someone confident But not too cocky, and a guy that I can have a lot of fun with!

Is sensitivity as important as confidence?

To a degree yes, I think it’s important that you have an element of sensitivity but at the end of the day, you have to love yourself and be happy in yourself before you can be happy with someone else. once again so so sorry for the time it took me!!

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