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Carolynne Scoffield

Carolynne Scoffield

Virgin Hair Habs Girl

2014 Has been a great year for sexy models rocking Habs jerseys! Check out Carolynne Scoffield, one of the latest models to be a part of the Canadiens magic! She’s a beautiful model Born in Ontario, raised in the UK and currently residing in Alberta.

“Never dyed my hair. Huge nerd and avid cat lover.” 

 Life of a Blogger

Running social media pages is one thing (one very time consuming thing) but Carolynne also has one of the best blogs we’ve seen! It has a fine balance between sex appeal, humor and honesty…what more can anyone ask for in life?
People are generally shy and have a fear that others might judge them on their looks or opinions. We might think this doesn’t apply to models but as a photographer, I’ve experienced many examples of models suffering from anxiety attacks due to this constant fear of being judged!
It’s rare that you see someone as opinionated as Carolynne and it’s refreshing to read some of the topics she tackles. When reading her articles, you really get a look inside her head and see how genuine each opinion is. She updates her fans on her modeling career, stuff she’s doing around Alberta (who knew there was things to do in Alberta), her opinions/frustrations and of course the occasional sex talk!
Check out her amazing blog here: CarolynneScoffield.com

Social Media

With the rise of social media, being a model in 2014 is completely different than what it used to be just 10 years ago and Carolynne sets the example with her social media marketing.  A model’s success is no longer based only on looks but also on how you can communicate with your fans.

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Photographer: Dan Chabot

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