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Stefanie Knight – Canadian CGOM

Stefanie Knight – Canadian CGOM

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Canadian Eh?

Meet Stefanie Knight from Thunder Bay, Ontario; a small town that played a big role in Canada’s history. But enough about geography and more about Thunder Bay’s most beautiful citizen: Stefanie Knight! She was Cyber Girl of the Month for Playboy last March and it’s not too hard to see why she was chosen. Stefanie has a natural all around beauty no matter what part of her body you look at and definitely a personality to match that beauty. Want to know more about her? Read along in her interview with FoxyLeague”

Interview With Stefanie Knight

What’s the best part of growing up in Thunder Bay, Ontario?

Growing up in a small town taught me a lot of life lessons very young!
I think growing up in a small town and being able to leave and travel around the world is the best way to grow up!

Tell us about your childhood, teachers pet or rebel without a cause?

I had a great childhood with crazy fun friends, how ever for school, I’m not sure if I was a rebel but I defiantly loved to skip class. Fun fact about my experience with teachers would be that I was dating my teachers crush in my senior year..


Do people ever recognize you on the streets?

Yes, I get recognized a lot in Canada when I’m out with my friends! Also in Los Angeles mostly at events!

What’s the most Canadian thing about you?

I say “Eh” ALOT.

Do you have a favorite hockey team?

Toronto Maple Leafs !!!!

Who’s your favorite Playboy model?

This is an extremely hard question, all the playmates I have met are the most amazing women! One playmate that really sticks out to me is Miss Dani Mathers, I met her in Montreal at my very first playboy event, she was so welcoming ! another favourite of mine would have to be Sara Jean Playmate of the year 2007 flat out she is one of the hottest girls alive!


Tell us about your first Playboy experience.

My first playboy shoot went amazing! I was on set in a mansion in the hills and my photographer, mid way though shooting was asking me questions and was shocked to find out it was my very first time posing nude! She said I was a natural and had her fooled!

Are you still single, what’s the secret to your heart?

Yes, I am single! The secret to my heart is funny guys.. men that can make me laugh have a place in my heart!!

If you could date any celebrity, who would it be and why?

The singer from “The Weekend” so he could sing to me every night lol.. he has an amazing voice!

Tell us about your workout routine.

I enjoy going to the gym but when I’m travelling I love walking or making my own workout outside!

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