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Stephanie Branton: From Newfoundland to Playboy Cover

Stephanie Branton: From Newfoundland to Playboy Cover


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Meet Stephanie Branton, The Playboy Hottie from Newfoundland

There’s something about Newfoundland and Playboy cover girls! Stphanie Branton is the third model out of Newfoundland to make it on the cover after Shannon Tweed and Danielle House. Stephanie is a small town girl now living in L.A. and you might have seen her on the cover of Playboy in September 2014. Find out more about what’s going on in Stephanie’s career and don’t miss the chance to discover her great Canadian personality in our interview below.


Interview With Stephanie Branton

What or who influenced to to start modeling??

As far back as I can remember I wanted to be a model. I would see playboys, different magazines and models on TV that I would look up to. Being from a small town in Newfoundland I never thought I would get the chance to make my dreams a reality. Once I was living and working in Toronto as a model, I got the opportunity to go to LA for a playboy event. Where I met and became friends with playboy photographer Josh Ryan. Over a year later he asked me to come and test for playmate. I did , then a week later found out I got it. Then was told I would be doing my shoot in New Orleans and then later that I got the cover :)!

What’s the biggest difference between Newfoundland and LA??

The biggest difference between Newfoundland and LA is that Newfoundland is still so untouched. I just went home for the first time in 3 years and I have such a greater appreciation for how stunningly beautiful Newfoundland is. There is so much beautiful scenery , houses and culture are so unique and different from most of of the world . I am so proud to be from Newfoundland. There are so many people in LA and everything is so much more fast paced here! It is much more rural in Newfoundland which is nice to go back to! 🙂

What do you miss the most from Canada, besides family and friends??

I miss the food! I am such a foodie and I miss all the yummy Canadian foods that we don’t have in la ! I miss poutine, Swiss chalet and Tim Hortons coffee !! They are all so good !! ??

How did you get noticed by Playboy, did you apply or did someone contact you??

I was contacted by photographer Josh Ryan on Instagram who asked me to come into playboy HQ in Beverly Hills and test for playmate! once I tested a week later I found out I got it !:)

What can we expect from you in the future??

BIG things !! This is just the beginning for me! I am so driven and just shot another cover for playboy (July/August) issue! I want to continue modeling and working as a brand ambassador for playboy and also I am starting to branch out into acting, and other avenues in modeling! I am living my dream and want to be able to help my family one day, nothing will stop me !:)


How do you prepare for a shoot, do you have a routine??

I do! Usually about two weeks before I will really monitor what I’m eating and workout once a day ! I will also get a spray tan the day before 🙂 Got to have that sun kissed glow !!

Are you a hockey fan? If yes, what’s your favorite team??

I don’t know a whole lots about hockey to be honest ?? but I did live in Vancouver for a little and loved it so I’ll go with the Canucks !!

Are you superstitious? Give an example.?

I am not superstitious ! I always try my best and try to exude positive energy in everything I do!

As a kid, what did you want to grow up to be??

I wanted to become a model !:)

How much trouble did you get into during your school days??

Not much trouble honestly I am not that rebellious!! lol I always ask myself ” what would my mom think?”She is my best friend and I always look to her for guidance and advice!

Is there anything else you’d like our readers to know about you?

I would like to readers to know that I am a sweet, silly , kind, small town girl living the big city pursuing my dreams ! I am thankful for all the support and want everyone to be looking out for me on the July/August cover of Playboy! This is just the beginning, get ready!!:)







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