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It's not hard to see why Luiza Freyesleben is such a big success on Instagram. She was born in Brazil and is currently living in New York but

Dubbed "Sweeper Babe" by her new fans, Rita Mattos has made waves on the internet after photos of her went viral around Brazil and the rest of the

The FoxyLeague list of 10 must-follow Brazilian Models Whenever most people think of Brazilian girls they imagine some of the sexiest curves in the world. We made sure to

[su_animate type="bounceInUp" duration="1" delay="0.1"] Welcome to FoxyLeague [/su_animate] [su_animate type="bounceInUp" duration="1" delay="0.2"]Part of our goal at FoxyLeague is to help you discover some up and coming models in as many fields

With 2014 finally coming to an end, statistics show that Germany's 7-1 World Cup victory over Brazil was the most tweeted event of 2014. The World Cup may be over and